Bringing a computer to campus

Choosing a computer


What will you use it for?

It is only natural that you will want to type papers & go online, but consider other things like playing video games, storing digital photos and music, editing videos, etc. What programs will you use & what are the computer requirements for those programs? Also think about how long you want to keep the computer before upgrading to a newer model.

Laptop or Desktop - what should I consider?

Wireless access on Alvernia's campus is growing. A laptop with a wireless card offers you opportunities to connect at an increasing number of locations.

Frequency of use
You will be spending many hours on your computer, and most of the time a desktop's larger, separate monitor and keyboard may be more comfortable to use than those of a laptop. Or, if you choose a laptop, you may also want to get an external monitor, keyboard and mouse for it.

Theft and Damage
A laptop's portability makes it more likely to be stolen than a desktop, and it is more prone to being dropped and possibly damaged.

A laptop may cost more to buy, maintain and repair than a desktop.

Windows or Macintosh?
This is a personal choice, and you should choose whichever platform you're more comfortable with. IT support for Macintosh is limited.

Technology Knowledgebase

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bringing a computer to campus

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