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Print Devices

Multi-Function Printer (MFP)
An office machine which incorporates several functions in one unit. The most common are print, scan to file and/or email, copy, and fax.

MFP’s are the most cost effective and efficient devices for hard-copy print.

Standard MFPs

Network Printer

A printer connected to a wired or wireless network. It may be Ethernet enabled and be cabled to an Ethernet switch, or it may connect to a Wi-Fi (wireless) network, or both. A network printer can be used by multiple people on the same network whether or not they are geographically located near the printer.

Print to a network printer is less expensive than a local printer but not as cost-effective or efficient as a MFP.

Standard Network Printers

Local Printer
A type of personal printer that is connected directly to a single desktop computer or laptop, a local printer typically can only be accessed by the user of the computer to which it is attached. The local printer is typically connected to the computer with a cable.

Local printers are inexpensive to acquire but costly to use and maintain.  

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