Campus Print Program

Acquisition of Devices

To request a new print device submit a service request (click here).

Departments with print devices pre-dating the CPP will be contacted to schedule an assessment meeting that will go over the following areas:

  • Review each departments workflow with our multi-tier engagement process, which includes a combination of data and user experience
  • Reveal departmental behavior patterns and potential issues, using flexible audit capabilities and end user feedback
  • Identify who prints what and where through a quantitative analysis of user print data
  • Expose opportunities, risk and anomalies in department document filing and storage
  • Clarify and categorize why documents are printed, shared and how they move through process workflows
  • Review recommended device capabilities/features

Information Technology will:

  • Recommend and approve purchases for standard devices.
  • Select appropriate print devices and provide assistance and network resources so that they have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of assigned job responsibilities.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of all University print devices in order to track assets and identify equipment slated for replacement.
  • Schedule, coordinate, and execute the replacement process while complying with applicable rules and regulations for the acquisition and retirement of the equipment involved in replacement activities.
  • Communicate and arrange the logistics needed to complete the replacement processes. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Providing notification to College/Department Representatives of the need for replacements and informing them of the known aspects that may be affected by any changes
    • Working with each department’s contact personnel to facilitate the replacement process while maintaining continuity of critical business functions
    • Working with appropriate department personnel to test equipment and make necessary adjustments to applications as required by the replacement process
    • Arranging for or providing training or instructions as necessary to assist users in transitioning to the new equipment


In the event a print device does not meet a department’s requirements, the department may request an exception to the standard. Requested upgrades to the standard configuration will not be processed without approval from the IT CIO. 

Exceptions to this printer replacement policy, including compelling business needs, should meet the following criteria and will be evaluated as follows:

  • Technical Justification – Evaluated based on documented manufacturer’s technical requirements.
  • Cost or Resource Justification – Evaluated based on verifiable cost or resource savings.
  • Printer or MFP Malfunction – MFPs that malfunction due to user-created errors or mistreatment will be dealt with on an as-needed basis. In such cases, Information Technology will work with the business units and their administration to identify root cause and resolve the issue/s.

Submit a service request for exceptions.  Alvernia Service Desk.

Responsibility for Equipment
Each department is responsible for taking reasonable precautions in regard to print devices.  These devices are leased and are not the property of Alvernia.  Equipment should remain in the location where originally installed unless other arrangements are made with IT.

Individuals or departments experiencing malfunctions or damage to printers or MFPs should contact the Alvernia Service Desk.

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Service Desk
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