Computer Refresh Program

Faculty and Staff Computer Refresh FAQs

What is happening?

Starting July 11, 2017, lab and classroom computers meeting or exceeding the lifecycle requirement will be replaced with new computers and upgraded software suite.

Computer Lifecycle

  • Laptops – 3 years
  • Desktops – 5 years

All primary laptops and desktops meeting or exceeding the lifecycle requirement for eligible University full-time faculty and staff will be replaced with a new computer and an upgraded software suite beginning October 2nd, 2017.

The number of computers to be replaced in 2017 is approximately 200.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a new computer?

You will be contacted by email shortly before the refresh date if your computer is eligible for replacement during this refresh cycle.

What is the building schedule?

Due to the volume of computers being refreshed, IT is unable to schedule individual appointments. Please view the deployment schedule.

The refresh team will start daily around 8:00am and work building by building, floor by floor. If they’re unable to access your computer (computer unavailable in office, etc.) they will attempt to circle back that day. If still unable to access your computer you will be skipped and asked to submit a ticket to be completed when IT is able to schedule you.

What should I do before migration occurs?

The University’s Computer Refresh is a great opportunity to organize your files, clean-out, and archive any old data, including:

  • Delete old information from current computer
  • Move critical files to My Documents Folder, or move critical files to secure network share
  • Document department/college-specific software installed locally on your computer
  • Locate any distribution copies of 3rd-party software and college/department-specific applications that you have on the computer
    • You must have the installation files in order to reinstall the software
    • If you require assistance with 3rd party software submit a Service Request

What will be migrated?

  • Outlook [local mail (personal folders) & settings]
  • All files and icons on desktop including wallpaper
  • The local My Documents folder contents
  • Mapped drives
  • Printers

Do I need to be there when migration occurs?

Yes and No. If you complete the form sent to you via email and leave it under your laptop or keyboard you don’t need to be there. If you don’t complete the form then you need to be present to provide the technicians with the information required.

How long will my migration take?

1 to 2 hours depending on amount of data to be migrated and post-migration steps such as re-install departmental software.

Additionally, please ensure a clutter-free desk beforehand, so that computer installers can efficiently connect “old computer to new computer” and access network and power cables. The migration team will not move or re-locate desks and furniture to access power/network/computer cables during the migration process.

It’s uncommon, but rare data migration issues do occur; if so, the migration timeframe may take longer due to trouble-shooting and remediation efforts.

Will I need to reinstall any software?

If you have 3rd party software, CD’s or source programs need to be available. You will need to reinstall the software or submit a Service Request for IT assistance.

Departmental/College-specific software such as SPSS will need to be reinstalled as part of the post-migration process. Support Services will handle installation of applications via the Application Catalog.

What is Administrator access?

This level of permission on your computer allows you to install software and device drivers onto your computer while logged on with your Alvernia Network Username and password.

  • You will be able to connect devices such as printers, at a hotel or other venue. In the past you needed to call to the Service Desk, now you will have the permissions to do this yourself
  • You will be able to install software without permission from Information Technology

With this level of permission comes the responsibility to use it according to legal and ethical guidelines.


  • Any software installed by the end-user must be licensed according to the manufacturer standards
  • No illegal or unlicensed software is permitted to be installed on University equipment
  • Not all free software is permitted by the manufacturer to be installed on corporate and University equipment. You must abide by the End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • No personal software is permitted to be installed, software should be purchased through University department channels
  • Internet usage is for work purposes only.  Maintain vigilance when visiting websites - you are more vulnerable to malware attacks with this level of permission

Important Note on Support for User-Installed Software
If software, malware, or viruses are installed on a computer intentionally or unintentionally and it is rendered inoperable it will be returned to the original configuration at Information Technology’s discretion. This may result in the loss of data and any third-party software would need to be reinstalled.

What kind of computer will I get?

You will get the same type of computer you currently have (laptop or desktop) unless a change has been previously requested and approved by the head of your department.

What do I need to turn in to receive my new laptop?

For laptop users, the following items need to be returned:

  • Laptop
  • AC adaptor

What occurs to my current machine once it is refreshed?

Information Technology takes ownership of the current machine upon successful completion of a Computer Refresh. This machine is than stored in a secure location for two weeks. After two weeks, data is securely erased from the machine and in some circumstances the Hard Drive containing the data is destroyed. This machine may then be sent to recycling or in limited circumstances, redeployed within the University.

How do I get a department/redeploy computer for my department?

Each refresh cycle there are a limited number of computers that can be redeployed for department needs. Computers that meet the criteria will be redeployed as Department computers.

Examples of needs for department computers are:

  • GA’s and Work Study
  • Specialized applications or general department needs
    • Purchasing, Event Management, Mailroom and PEC

Academic requests must be accompanied by their Dean’s approval. Administrative requests must have the department head approval.

To request a redeployed computer for your department submit a service desk ticket with your request for computer model (laptop, desktop, iMac, MacBook). Ensure you include the needed approval and reason for request with your submission. Depending on equipment availability, all requests may not be filled.

If I transfer to another department before, during, or after the Computer Refresh, do I take my current or new computer with me?

No. Equipment stays with the position. If you transfer departments your replacement will inherit the computer assigned to that position. 

Do I get to keep my existing computer, and get a new computer?

No. The Refresh is a one-to-one program; that means, eligible faculty and staff must return their existing computer in order to receive a new one. The University strives to serve the redeploy needs of academic areas and loaner computers with computers that are returned.

Can I keep my computer accessories and/or printer?

Yes, but only if they are compatible with the new system. If there is no support from the manufacturer for the accessories or printer they will be retired. You have the option to buy new accessories through a department purchase. See Hardware Accessory Purchases section for more information.

Can I purchase equipment that is returned?

No, the University will not sell equipment to any employee.

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