Digital Signage Program

Submission Guidelines


    • Continue to use the online Events calendar to publicize events

    • The Events calendar scrolls on the right pane of all digital signs

    • Submit your flier to visually promote your event on digital signs around campus

Technical Requirements

    • File Format - .JPG .JPEG .PNG

    • Image Resolution - 72 pixels/inch and landscape orientation (maxium 1920px wide x 1080px high)

    • Video Content - .MP4 only - 60 second duration - 1920pm wide by 1080px high (landscape orientation) OR 16:9 aspect ratio

Running Time

    • Must submit an end date for your flier to be removed
    • Approval of extended running times (entire semesters) is at the discretion of the content manager/s.   This is to ensure content remains fresh.

Ways to Submit:

1. Specific Location Requests

To request your flier be displayed on a single display or three displays (Student Activities):

    • Submit the online form
    • Attach your flier file to an email and send to the email address provided

2. Special Request Content

To request your flier be displayed on all digital signage displays across campuses:

Restrictions apply.  For student activities and fundraisers use the online form.

Submit your request by Service Request ticket to and include the following information:

      • Reason for Request
      • Contact name and phone
      • Running time begin and end date
      • Indicate file location or attach smaller image file/s to the email

Submissions will be reviewed and posted if approved.

Technology Knowledgebase

Service Desk
Submit a Service Request
(ext. 2008 on campus)

digital signage program

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