Digital Signage Program

Best Practices for Content Design

Simplicity is key when designing for this medium.

Contrast and Legibility

If the eye can’t separate the words from the background due to color choice, the message is lost.

• Dark backgrounds or images should utilize light or white text, light backgrounds should utilize dark text.

3 x 5 Rule

• Don’t pack the message with too much text.

• Keep the type size as large as possible, especially for headlines.

• Utilize either three lines of text with five words, or five lines with three words.


• Don’t use more than 2 fonts.

• Utilize easy to read fonts; avoid script unless dictated by design guide.

• Use italics sparingly as they are harder to read and fatigue the eye.

Color and Perception

• Use color for contrast and clarity.

• Don’t try to use too many colors at the same time. It confuses the space.

Focus Techniques

• Guide the eye to critical information through a visual hierarchy.

• Utilize bright colors and high contrast as well as size for emphasizing the most important information.


Consult the university's visual identity manual for guidance on usage of university branding.

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