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Alvernia University maintains two wireless networks for users. Each network is targeted for different users.


CrusaderNet is the University supported wireless network.

  • Current students, employees, trustees and some sponsored accounts have access to CrusaderNet.
  • Use your Alvernia Network Username and password to access this network.
  • Any wireless router brought onto campus will be disabled or turned off.

To Access CrusaderNet:

On a Mac:

  • Click on the AirPort icon at the top of the screen.
  • If your AirPort is off, select "Turn AirPort On".
  • Select "CrusaderNet".
  • When prompted enter your Alvernia Network Username and password.
  • If you are prompted to verify a certificate, choose "Continue."
  • You may be prompted to enter your Mac administrator password to save the changes in your Keychain.

On Windows 8

  • Swipe from the left or move your mouse to the top-right corner.
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Go to the wireless icon (rising bars) in the bottom left.
  • Select "CrusaderNet" and "Connect".
  • When prompted enter your Alvernia Network Username and password.
  • If you are prompted to verify the server's identity, click "Connect".

On Windows 7:

  • Click on the Wireless icon (ascending bars) in the taskbar's tray (bottom right).
  • Choose "CrusaderNet".
  • When prompted enter your Alvernia Network Username and password.
  • If prompted to verify a security certificate, choose "Connect."
  • If you have trouble connecting you can create a manual profile for CrusaderNet as follows:
  • Click on the Wireless icon (ascending bars) in the taskbar's tray (bottom right).
  • Choose "Open Network and Sharing Center".
  • Choose "Manage Wireless Networks" on the left.
  • On the new window that opens, click "Add".
  • Chose "Manually create a network profile".
  • Enter "CrusaderNet" as the "Network Name".
  • Choose "WPA2 Enterprise" as the "Security Type".
  • Click "Next".
  • Choose "Change connection settings".
  • Go to the "Security" tab.
  • For the network authentication method choose "Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)".
  • Click "Settings" next to network authentication method.
  • Uncheck the checkbox next to "Validate server certificate".
  • Under "Select Authentication Method" choose "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)".
  • Click on the "Configure..." button next to "Select Authentication Method".
  • Uncheck "“Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).”

On an Android Device (including Chromebooks)

  • Go to "Settings" then "Wireless & networks" and make sure your Wi-Fi is on.
  • Go to "Wi-Fi settings", select "CrusaderNet".
  • The options “PEAP” and “MSCHAPV2” should be automatically selected, do not change these.
    • If these options have not been set automatically, set them.
  • For “Identity” enter your Alvernia Network Username.
  • Leave “Anonymous Identity” blank.
  • For “Password”, enter your Alvernia password.
  • Save.
  • In your list of wireless networks, you should now be able to select CrusaderNet and connect. It should say connecting, and then that it has an IP address. You are now connected.

On an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  • Go to "Settings" and "Wi-Fi".
  • Under "Choose a Network..." select "CrusaderNet".
  • Enter your Alvernia Network Username for "Username" and your password for "Password".
  • If you are prompted to accept a security certificate, choose "Accept".


CrusaderNet_Guest is for guest users (speakers, parents, vendors, auditors, etc.) and for other consumer devices such as Apple TV and gaming consoles.

  • Access is controlled through a web portal that prompts the user to enter their email address.
  • Also use for Apple TV, game consoles, Google ChromeCast, etc.

To Access CrusaderNet_Guest

CrusaderNet_Guest is for provided for visitors that do not have an Alvernia Network Username and for devices such as Apple TV/Gaming Devices.

Devices such as Apple TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo’s will automatically be able to connect. 

This network is isolated from the internal Alvernia network so internal services like printing will not be available.

CrusaderNet_Guest is provided as a courtesy and Alvernia University does not guarantee workability or accessibility.

To access CrusaderNet_Guest for visitors:

  • Open the wireless settings for your computer or device
  • Choose CrusaderNet_Guest from the list of available networks
    • Devices such as PlayStation, XBOX, and Nintendo Wii will automatically connect.  If they do not, use the Service Desk contact below for assistance.
  • Open a web browser and try to navigate to any web page.
    • You will be presented with the CrusaderNet_Guest Logon page.
      Guest Login
  • Enter your email address and click Logon. 
    • The page will be redirected to Alvernia’s website after 1 second.
  • Once you login, guest internet access will be provided for 24 hours. 
    • After 24 hours, you will need to re-login with your email address.

For assistance please contact Alvernia Service Desk.

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