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Welcome ‘Home’ Alumni

Homecoming and Family Weekend provided the ideal backdrop to dedicate the first location on campus committed to the 11,000 graduates of the university: the Alvernia Alumni House. The newly renovated structure located at 329 St. Bernardine Street provides an ideal location for alumni to gather with faculty, staff and current students in an environment that fosters a sense a community.

The house serves as a visual reminder to current students as well as alumni about how Alvernia values its graduates and looks to their engagement in the university’s future.

It is yet another symbol of Alvernia’s progress and a reminder that our alumni are always welcomed back. John Wanner, member of the class of 1982 and chairman of the Alumni Council said, “This structure will stand as an outward sign that graduation is not the end of a student’s journey with Alvernia. Instead it is the beginning of a life-long membership as alumni of an institution that encourages each graduate To Learn, To Love and To Serve.”

Loyal alumni have always played important roles at Alvernia, serving in leadership roles, telling the story of Alvernia to prospective students, and providing powerful examples of what an Alvernia education can do for their careers and lives. “I hope the energy around the opening of the Alumni House will challenge and inspire alumni to contribute even more significantly to their alma mater," said Alvernia President Dr. Tom Flynn. “If Alvernia is to flourish in an increasingly competitive environment, we need expanded alumni leadership in programs, services, and especially philanthropy.”

Alvernia Alumni House is open during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information, please contact Darlene Berk, director of alumni relations at 610-796-8212 or via email at

View pictures of the Alumni House ribbon cutting ceremony.

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