Financial Aid


Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a federal government program whereby schools apply for, and are allocated federal funds to be spent each academic year in the form of FWS financial aid awards. These awards are given to eligible students who demonstrate financial need. Financial need is determined using a standard formula to evaluate the financial information reported on the students’ FAFSA. Students earn these awards by working part-time on or off campus and earning a paycheck which can be used to pay for educational or living expenses. Employment for Federal Work-Study is available as funding allows.

1. Refer to your Financial Aid Offer letter to determine if you are eligible for Federal Work Study.

2. Check the Job Opportunities web site to find a list of job opportunities available on and off campus.

3. Apply for positions. Resume’s are strongly encouraged. If you need help with a resume, please use resumebuilder.

4. Fill out student employment paperwork with supervisor which consists of: