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Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Essential Functions:
* Verify accuracy of shipments by counting, weighing, or measuring items and comparing size, weight, description, and code numbers with information on invoice or packing slip and purchase orders; record any discrepancies or damage.
* Open crates and other containers using hand tools to unpack items received. Inspect shipments for damage and defects.
* Move inventory to various locations manually and by operating mechanical equipment, including fork lift, pallet jack, and handcart.
* Sort and store items, including incoming and interdepartmental mail, according to established procedures.
* Maintain computerized inventory records and take physical inventory periodically.
* Requisition additional supplies from purchasing department as needed.
* Maintain custody receipts for items being repaired and loaned out temporarily.
* Read and fill requisitions for stock items. Verify accuracy of orders pulled.
* Drive truck to various locations to deliver materials. Obtain authorized signature for supplies requested.
* Load and unload delivery truck by hand or by use of hand truck.
* Adhere to core value principles of the University.
* Pick up mail and deliver supplies to various locations throughout campus.
* Meter mail and make out postage due reports.
* Log, deliver and send all Fed Ex, UPS, air shipments or other parcel deliveries.
* Accountable for the shipping, receiving, and distribution of University commerce.

Additional Responsibilities:
* Detect needed repairs on vehicles and equipment by following established inspection procedures.
* Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting, carrying, equipment usage, etc.  Be aware of your surroundings and correct unsafe conditions, if possible.  Report any issues as necessary.
* Requires flexibility and understanding that all maintenance staff may be required to perform duties outside their normal area of expertise to meet the mission and goals of the Facility Operations Department.
* The use of equipment, hand tools, forklift, ladder, dolly, scaffolding, pallet jack, hand truck, and light truck (less than 26,000 lbs.).
* Valid Driver’s license
* High School Diploma or GED
* Experience with deliveries and inventory control procedures
* Computer experience required.

Physical Requirements:
* Attendance is required in order to perform the duties of this job.
* Must be able to stand, walk, twist, bend and lift up to 50lbs.

Contact Name:    Human Resources

Posting Date:      January 29, 2013

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