Job Postings

Position Title:

Occupational Therapy Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

Job Summary:

The academic fieldwork coordinator (AFWC) is responsible for the management of student fieldwork, including the placement and monitoring of occupational therapy students participating in Level I fieldwork, and the placement, monitoring and final grading of occupational therapy students in Level II fieldwork. The AFWC is also responsible for the development of fieldwork sites, for all communication and coordination with fieldwork sites, and for maintaining fieldwork related records. The number of placements per year is dependent on the enrollment in the program. In addition, the AFWC is responsible for teaching 6.0 credits within the 10 month contract period.

Essential Functions:
-Document the criteria and process for selecting fieldwork sites according to university and faculty expectations, and ACOTE requirements.

-Advocate for the development of connections between the fieldwork and didactic aspects of the curriculum, for communicating about the curriculum to fieldwork educators, and for maintaining contracts and site data related to fieldwork placements. 

-Collaborate with faculty in establishing fieldwork objectives, identifying site requirements, and communication with the student and fieldwork educator about progress and performance  
during fieldwork.   

-Ensure the ratio of fieldwork educators to student(s) enables proper supervision and the ability to provide frequent assessment of student progress in achieving stated fieldwork

-Ensure that fieldwork agreements are sufficient in scope and number to allow completion of graduation requirements in a timely manner in accordance with the policy adopted by the program.  

-Document all fieldwork experiences that are provided to students, including mechanisms for formal evaluation of student performance. 

-Ensure the fieldwork experience is designed to promote clinical reasoning and reflective practice, to transmit the values and beliefs that enable ethical practice, and to develop professionalism and competence in career responsibilities.

-Ensure the student is supervised by a currently licensed or credentialed occupational therapist who has a minimum of one year practice experience subsequent to initial certification for Level II Fieldwork, and who is adequately prepared to serve as a fieldwork educator.

-Ensure the supervision provided to students during Level II Fieldwork provides protection to student and the recipients of occupational therapy services, and provides for the appropriate modeling for the development of professional behaviors.

-Document a mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of supervision during Level II Fieldwork and provide resources to enhance the supervision skills of fieldwork educators

-Document a mechanism to monitor student satisfaction with their preparation for Level II Fieldwork and their satisfaction with the experience.

-Maintain current knowledge of occupational therapy literature, Pennsylvania licensure, reimbursement and ACOTE requirements related to Fieldwork.

-Teach up to 6.0 workload credits within an academic year; responsible to teach Fieldwork progression seminars.

-Promote Franciscan ideals and adherence to the Mission of the University.

Additional Responsibilities:
1.   Review, update and maintain field education manuals.
2.   Organize, assist and follow through with fieldwork related events such as Fieldwork Educator’s
3.   Other duties as requested.

1.   Occupational Therapist licensed in Pennsylvania: OTR/L
2.   Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.
3.   Minimum of 2 years experience as an occupational therapist
4.   Preferred experience teaching in higher education or a clinical fieldwork supervisor.
5.   Strong organizational and communication (written and oral) skills.
6.   Commitment to the mission statement, core values and goals of Alvernia University.

Contact:  Human Resources