Holocaust Remembrance

Second Session (12:30 - 2:00 PM)

Educational Considerations in Teaching about the Holocaust

For University and College Faculty

The session explores the challenges of creating meaningful Holocaust Education courses;

The vastness of the topic, the limited amount of time and the need to "Fit" the course into existing academic structures calls for clear definitions often elusive; Is it about History, Sociology? Literature? Ethics?

The session is constructed along a series of essential questions, each offering a unique approach:

    • Is the Holocaust a unique phenomenon or is it part of a larger genocide topic.
    • What are the important building blocks of Holocaust studies:

      • Nazi Ideology
      • Jews in Europe
      • The "Final Solution" - Planned or evolving?
      • Jewish reaction
      • World reaction
      • The aftermath
      • The connection to the state of Israel

  • How do we address: victims, perpetrators, bystanders, up-standers and can any of those definitions inform life choices made today?
  • The role of literature, art and cinema in Holocaust education

The above are but part of the questions presented at the session, each followed by concrete suggestions for educational opportunities.

Enduring Understandings
  • Holocaust studies are interdisciplinary and may demand collaboration across departments
  • The vastness of the topic requires hard choices guided by a clear definition of educational goals

This seminar will be held at the following location:

Alvernia University
Upland Center, Community Room 103
540 Upland Avenue, Reading, PA 19611
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