Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)


S.U.R.F. Task Force (Summer 2014) was an Ad Hoc committee of Development and Research Committee.  Members: Ana Ruiz (chair), Rosemarie.Chinni; James Drummond; Erin Way; Adam Heinze; Peggy Bowen; Victoria.Williams; Elizabeth.Matteo

S.U.R.F. 2015:

  • Student Fellows who successfully completed the SURF 2015 program:  Mallory Glasmyre; Meredith McCarthy; Dylan James; Gabriella Messina; Makayla Boyle; Kelsey Schubert; Amber Nikolaus

  • Faculty Scholars:  Erin Way; Adam Heinze; Ondra Kielbasa; Rosemarie Chinni; Jodi Radosh

  • Generous Supporters: Trustee Joanne Judge and her husband, Rick Oppenheimer, Trustee Steve Najarian and his wife, Helen, and Alvernia administrators and staff.

  • Program Coordinator:  Ana Ruiz

S.U.R.F. Program Coordinator

Dr. Erin Way
Psychology & Counseling
Upland Center 125
Phone: 610-685-3257

student undergraduate research fellows (s.u.r.f.)

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