Research Help

Research Help

Researchers are welcome to use unrestricted materials in the collection. Access to some materials may be restricted out of regard for the rights of others, by the physical condition of the material, or for other reasons. Please plan ahead for your research visit and write us, e-mail us, or give us a call to discuss your interests. This will enable us to prepare for your visit and pull materials in advance if necessary.

Archives Inventory

All processed records currently kept in the Archives are organized and cataloged according to major record groups (and subgroups in some cases). Record groups reflect the major hierarchical or functional divisions of an institution. The functional record groups established for Alvernia are:

  1. Confer credentials
  2. Convey knowledge
  3. Foster socialization
  4. Conduct research
  5. Sustain the institution
  6. Provide public service
  7. Promote culture
  8. Maintain physical plant
  9. Bernardine Franciscan Sisters
  10. External sources
  11. Unassigned
  12. Alumni Heritage Collection

Within each group, records are then organized by series. A series is defined as a group o similar records or documents "maintained as a unit because they relate to a particular subject or function, result from the same activity, have a particular form, or because of some other relationship arising out of their creation, receipt or use.” The series is the usual unit of cataloging. The major series and subseries established for Alvernia are:

  • General Records
    • Constitution/By-laws
    • Minutes/Proceedings
    • Transcripts
    • Lists of Officers
  • Office Files
    • Correspondence/Memoranda
    • Subject Files Concerning Projects, Activities, Functions
  • Historical Files
    • Policies
    • Decisions
    • Committees/Task Forces
    • Questionnaires
    • Statistics
  • Publications
    • Programs
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
    • Monographs/Journals
    • Announcements
    • Posters
    • Schedules
  • Audiovisuals
    • Photographs
    • Sound Recordings
    • Video Recordings
    • Scrap Books
  • Artifacts
View the Archives Inventory (.pdf)

Collection Guides

Archives is continuously developing online guides to our materials. These guides provide a description and an inventory of the holdings in the collection.

View the Collection Guides

Contact Information

The University Archives are located at the 951 Morgantown Offices on the first floor. Please contact Sharon Neal, Library Director to schedule an appointment.

research help

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