Oral History

Sister Alodia's "Memories"

From 1998 to 2001, Sister Alodia Podczasy OSF, a former chemistry professor, conducted and collected a series of interviews with sisters and faculty associated with the establishment and development of Alvernia.

These memories (as they were referred to by Sister Alodia) offer some interesting personal insights reflecting the dedication these individuals had to the college.

Following are links to the unedited transcripts of the memories collected by Sister Alodia.

Sister Mary Conradine Bienek, OSF
Sister Ann Marie Coll, OSF
Sister Mary Theodorette Debrowski, OSF
Sister Fabia Dzienis, OSF
Sister Mary Gemma, OSF
Sister Carlanita Jones, OSF
Sister Mary Maxine Porambo, OSF
Sister Mary Anne Pawlikowski, OSF
Sister Mary Constantine Polubinski, OSF
Sister Mary Walter, OSF
Sister Mary Zygmunta, OSF

Ellen Engler & Emma Yoh
June Horning
Esther Krasevac
Marie Nowakowski
Josephine Snyder Krawczyk

Contact Information

The University Archives are located at the 951 Morgantown Offices on the first floor. Please contact Sharon Neal, Library Director to schedule an appointment.


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