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RibaldiEmily Rabadi ‘12

Under the mentorship of professor Dr. Jodi Radosh, Emily Rabadi ‘12 gained the real world, hands-on experiential learning that would serve her well in her future career. From learning the basics of the industry at Berks County TV (BCTV) studios to interning as a marketing and public relations assistant for E! Entertainment and Style Network, she was able to take full advantage of the practical knowledge gained in the classroom and apply it in professional environments, all before graduation.

“My education at Alvernia has helped me in ways I can not put into words,” Rabadi said. “Specifically, it was the faculty at Alvernia that always supported my goals and helped me stay highly motivated.”

For this young and motivated communications phenom, getting real during her time at Alvernia was also the ticket to an extraordinary adventure across the pond. Having never traveled outside the United States prior to her senior year, Rabadi decided to further expand her horizons to seize an opportunity to study abroad in London. While abroad, she was a student at Richmond, the American International University in London where her favorite classes were Fashion & Media and contemporary British Culture. “I wanted to challenge myself with something new and exciting,” Rabadi explained. “I felt it was necessary to start seeing the world from a larger perspective and it’s a decision that I will never regret.”

Upon her return state side, she decided to continue her work in the broadcasting industry at the National Geographic Channel in her hometown in Washington, DC. Today, Rabadi is a Marketing Project Manager for TLC, under Discovery Communications.  She works directly with producers, show development, press, social, and various other departments to engage viewership and raise brand awareness.

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