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Img: Jennifer Mejia

Jennifer Mejia '15

Forensic Science
Reading, PA

There are not a lot of students who would be excited to spend their summer with dead bodies viewing autopsies and crime scenes, but when Jennifer Mejia landed an internship at the Berks County Coroner’s Office she was thrilled. “I was able to see crime scenes with suicides, homicides and natural deaths,” explains Mejia. “It was quite an experience.”

Starting out as a biology major, Mejia thrived in her forensic chemistry class. Guided by her advisor Dr. Kramer, it wasn’t long before she made the switch to major in Forensic Science – and she has not looked back.

Through the internship, Mejia was able to see first-hand how the Forensic Unit looked at fingerprints and ran them through the system to see if there were any matches. The hands-on experience has been one that she will never forget, “I was able to participate in viewing the autopsies to see how the coroner handled each situation and observed how they tried to find the cause of each death.”

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