Test-Taking Strategies

The PreK-4 Pearson assessment consists of three modules testing the following areas:

  • Module 1: child development, learning, and assessment; collaboration and professionalism
  • Module 2: language and literacy development; social studies, arts, and humanities
  • Module 3: mathematics, science, and health

Preparation materials for students to review are located on the Pearson website www.pa.nesinc.com.  Included in these materials are:

  • Test objectives organized by module
  • Information on test design
  • Sample selected-response questions
  • A full-length practice test and
  • Test-taking strategies

One of the purposes of this webpage is to reformat the materials offered through the Pearson site.  Many times, content material presented in a different format enhances preparation rather than repeatedly reviewing the material in the same format.  Attached to this website are:

  • An Excel spreadsheet that lists the objectives of the prek-4 assessment.  This spreadsheet should be used as a study guide for the assessment.  The blank table cells may be used to record study dates or additional notes as you prepare for the prek-4 assessment.
  • A Word document that includes sample questions with the correct response and rationale for the response and a Word document that includes sample questions without the correct response and rationale for response.  Complete the sample questions that are organized by objective.  When complete, check your responses with the correct responses given in the second document.  Finally, find study materials that will help you review the content in the modules that challenged you.
  • A PowerPoint that highlights successful selected-response test-taking strategies.

Hopefully, these resources will assist you in becoming comfortable with the preK-4 assessment content and confident in your test-taking abilities:



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