Business Degrees

Strategic Goals

Deliver business curricula that are consistent with the Franciscan tradition.

  • Embed an awareness of and preparation for being an engaged citizen in our students. 
  • Utilize capstone courses in each major to evaluate decisions in a manner consistent with Alvernia University’s mission.

Investigate program opportunities and related resource allocations to ensure continued enrollment and retention of high quality students.

  • Utilize opportunity grants to evaluate new majors or program enhancements.
  • Ensure that Alvernia business programs continue to be a place of opportunity that encourages professional and personal growth through academic and non-academic  programming that promotes achievement.
  • Encourage the continuation of business department travel abroad opportunities.

Provide an enriching co-curricular environment for students through business clubs and activities.

  • Encourage early membership in business clubs and business department activities.
  • Identify and implement a common business course where club activities and benefits are discussed with business students.

Attract and retain quality faculty by promoting excellence in teaching, research and service.

  • Encourage business professors to take an active role in their profession through membership in professional organizations.
  • Encourage business professors to practice their profession so that experiential examples can better inform teaching.
  • Encourage faculty to accept service in the community where their talents benefit the organization in a positive manner.
  • Encourage research through supporting faculty excellence grants so that faculty can continue to pursue their research interests.

Enhance collaboration and engagement between the business community, government and not-for-profit communities and the business department.

  • Formalize the business department’s relationships with community organizations to ensure service related projects that can benefit the region.
  • Formalize relationships with community agencies to improve the community through increased efficient operations.
  • Formalize relationships with not-for-profit organizations that can benefit from business specific support.

business degrees

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