Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL) Program

Organizational Leadership Program Philosophy

The Masters in Organizational Leadership program operates from an understanding that leadership is a process involving three equally important factors—context, leaders, followers—interacting to produce direction, alignment, and commitment for the common good of the individuals, organization, and society. Knowing, doing, and being drive the learning and development processes and are critical for the evolution of students from a leader-centric perspective to a holistic understanding of leadership as a complex process. The program emphasizes and develops the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to be successful at different organizational levels: individual, team, group, and organizational. The learning environment, curriculum, and core values at Alvernia University are essential for the intentional reflection, contemplation, and peer interaction necessary to develop into collaborative leaders and courageous followers.

Organizational Leadership Program Core Values

  • Strong Work Ethic: nothing of consequence is attained without focus, discipline, and hard work
  • Courage: acting on values and convictions, challenging convention, and speaking truth to power
  • Authenticity: be true to oneself 
  • Accountability: responsibility to self, teams, groups, collectives, and society 


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masters in organizational leadership (mol) program

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