Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL)

Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL) Program

We live in a world that is over-managed and under-led. The greatest need in our global society today is for better leadership—from all of us. The call has been made; now it’s time for each of us to take the reins.”  -- S.R. Covey and S.M.R. Covey

As the first and only Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership in the Reading, PA region, this selective program prepares professionals to meet the unique leadership challenges of the 21st Century.

The Alvernia University organizational leadership program, offered in a cohort-based model to promote collaboration and professional growth, is designed for technical and functional experts, supervisors, managers, and executives looking to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors required to effectively lead teams, groups, and organizations in a complex and dynamic global business environment.

We embrace motivated individuals from the for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors that want to grow as leaders and make a positive impact on individuals, organizations, and society.

Top Credentials

This MA in Organizational Leadership follows the guidelines established by the International Leadership Association for leadership programs and incorporates the best practices of the Center for Creative Leadership and the Harvard Business School.

This small, selective program draws on the strengths of the liberal arts and incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to deliver a high-impact curriculum and learning environment.

Strength of the Liberal Arts

The liberal arts develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that are in high demand. Teamwork, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are hallmarks of effective leaders.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The Alvernia MOL program uses a multidisciplinary approach which provides our students with the tools, skills, and holistic understanding necessary to develop strategies, plans, and solutions to drive long-term superior organizational performance. The multiple perspectives and different questions raised develop an appreciation for complexity, unintended consequences, and strategic blind spots. MOL program graduates possess the confidence to make tough decisions of real consequence in an uncertain world.

Masters in Organizational Leadership students develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors to:

  • Analyze problems and opportunities to formulate robust solutions in an uncertain business environment
  • Evaluate the logic, reason, evidence, and research to make informed organizational decisions
  • Effectively lead teams, groups, and organizations
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Generate organizational strategy 
  • Design leadership development programs as sources of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Understand team and group dynamics
  • Lead change initiatives
  • Provide feedback, manage expectations, and delegate effectively
  • Foster positive working relationships with peers and superiors
  • Establish personal credibility
  • Communicate effectively
  • Positively and effectively lead discussions, meetings, and dialogue
  • Set goals and objectives for personal and employee development
  • Project assertiveness

Alvernia University Main Campus is located in Reading, PA and offers an enriching educational experience and a vibrant campus life. This area is convenient for students who work or live in the Eastern Pennsylvania region. Courses in the MOL program are offered in the evenings and online.

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  • Next cohort starts Fall 2016.
    Now accepting applications. August 1 recommended deadline.

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Alvernia locations in Reading, Pottsville, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Students interested in the Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL) program from Reading, Pottsville, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Allentown, Kutztown, Philadelphia and the rest of the Berks County, PA region can gain the educational experience that develops and prepares the next generation of awe-inspiring leaders.

masters in organizational leadership (mol) program

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