Forensic Science


Forensic Science is specially designed as an interdisciplinary program for students with a strong interest in criminal justice and chemistry. The program will prepare a forensic science major to work in a modern crime laboratory, at the local, regional, state or federal level. Students may also pursue careers in Drug Enforcement Administration, Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Computers are integrated into science technology through the use of Lab Works stations. This use of computers allows the focus to shift from data collection to data analysis and experimental design. Alvernia offers the opportunity to participate in research-grade data collection and become involved in the process of science.

Contact Information

Rosemarie C. Chinni, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics Department Chair

     Bernardine Hall 3208

Student Perspective

"In chemistry, it's all about your lab technique. At Alvernia I learned how to do chemistry, correctly and efficiently. I learned to work at a quick pace and think ahead." -Jason Betz '08, Adpen Laboratories, Jacksonville, FL

forensic science

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