Sujan Pant, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Professional Education

  • PhD in Mathematics - The University of Iowa
  • Msc in Mathematics - The University of Iowa
  • BSc in Mathematics - Southeastern Louisiana University

Professional Organization

American Mathematical Sociaety (AMS)

Research Interest

Sujan is mainly interested in the classification of group von Neumann algebras via Popa's  deformation/rigidity theory. He was able to find a large family of remarkable non-amenable groups which give rise to prime von Neumann algebra, i.e., von Neumann algebras that cannot be generated by two commuting diffuse von Neumann subalgebras. His examples include: 

1.)    most surface braid groups

2.)    mapping class groups of genus 2 (together with their Torelli and Johnson kernels)

 3.) all groups that are hyperbolic relatively to finite families of infinite, proper, residually finite, exact groups.

In his ongoing project, he is investigating solidity and W*-superrigidity for group von Neumann algebras arising from surface braid groups.

Selected Publications:

Primeness Results for Von Neumann Algebras Associated with Surface Braid Groups, with Yoshikata Kida aand Ionut Chifan. International Mathematics Research Notices, Oxford University Press (2015).

Contact Information

Sujan Pant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Science & Mathematics Department

     Bernardine Hall 206D


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