Jae-Chun Kim

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Professional Education

  • Bachelors of Science in Mathematics - ChungAng University in Korea
  • Master of Science in Mathematics - Wayne State University
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics - Wayne State University

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Algebra (MAT 100)
  • Survey of Mathematics (MAT 101)
  • Business Mathematics (MAT 110)
  • Pre-Calculus (MAT 131)
  • Introductory Statistics (MAT 208)
  • Calculus I (MAT 230)
  • Calculus II (MAT 231)
  • Linear Algebra (MAT 240)
  • Foundations of Clinical Research (DPT 612)
  • Applied Stats for Evidence Based Practice (NUR 802)
  • First Year Seminar (FYS 101)

Research Interests

Dr. Kim’s research area is in Probability and Statistics.  His current interest lies in using statistics in sports.

Sports analytics is used in all major sports. It can be used to evaluate a player's performance, predict the outcome of a certain sports event, develop a strategy for a team's future and many more related topics. Dr. Kim has been working with students for research on various sports topics using statistical analysis.


Professional Organizations

  • American Mathematical Society
  • American Statistical Association
  • Society for American Baseball Research

Selected Publications and Presentations

Rates of convergence  for the sup-norm risk in image models under sequential designs with Alexander Korostelev :  Statistics & Probability Letters 46(2000) 391-399

Estimation of smooth functionals in image models  with Alexander Korostelev  :  Mathematical methods of statistics Volume 9, No2(2000), pp.140-159

Estimation of functionals in binary image models  with Alexander Korostelev  : Department of Mathematics Wayne State University Research report 1999 series #9

Contact Information

Jae-Chun Kim, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics   

     Bernardine Hall 206A


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