Gerald Vigna, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology



Dr. Vigna completed undergraduate and graduate degrees at Temple University and Northwestern University respectively.

Dr. Vigna held several positions in marketing communications before returning to academe in 1992. In his 15 years at Alvernia, he has been Associate Professor of Theology, Chair of Philosophy and Theology, Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Director of the Center for Ethics and Leadership, and Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Vigna's current teaching responsibilities include undergraduate courses in medical, sexual, and social ethics, Christian origins and New Testament interpretation, and Christology. His graduate teaching responsibilities are in ethics and Christian origins.

Dr. Vigna has presented nationally on such topics as the ethics of forced medical treatment during pregnancy and the problems of confidentiality in professional and clerical roles.

Dr. Vigna also has served as treasurer of the College Theology Society and currently is its vice president. He remains active with the Temple and Northwestern alumni organizations. He serves as a director-at-large for the Northwestern Alumni Association and is vice president of the Temple University College of Liberal Arts Alumni Association.  He lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with his wife of 32 years, Pat, and has two children, Ben, a graduate of St. Joseph’s University, and Julia, a graduate of Tulane University.

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Gerald Vigna, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology

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