President's Newsletter July 2015

Faculty Excellence

Faculty research continues to flourish, assisted by the summer grant program. Faculty Excellence Grants for summer 2015 and their area of focus include:

Individual Research

Peggy Bowen-Hartung — Development of Undergraduate Cybercrime Course
Stephen Campion — Structural modeling of aromatic repeat sequences in Prion Proteins
Rosemarie Chinni — Incorporation of a New Physical Chemistry Laboratory Course in the Undergraduate Curriculum for Science Students
Gregory Chown — The Use of Psychosocial Services Post Hand and Upper Limb Injury and Trauma: A Pilot Study
Louise Fura — Impact of Clinical Safety Education Strategies on Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes
Corey Harris — Course Design: "Theology of Addiction"
Josh Hayes — Aristotle's Cosmopolitanism and Heidegger's Natural Beginnings
Adam Heinze — Cold and Alive: Looking for an Ancient Life Truth
Ondra Kielbasa — Development of a Novel Research Program in Cell Biology
Joseph Kremer — Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experimentation Protocols with Micro-scale Glassware
Jodi Radosh — Co-author textbook "Video production: A Hands-On Approach in the Viral Age" (Focal Press)
John Rochowicz — Harmonic Numbers Insights, Approximations and Applications
Ana Ruiz — Framework for Ethics Education in the Introduction to Psychology Course
Bongrae Seok — Book chapter project: Embodied Cognition and Religion
Janae Sholtz — Dramatized as a life practice: Creative repetition as liberation from disciplinary power
Spencer Stober — Nature Play as formative experiences in developing of nature-centered leaders
Tufan Tiglioglu — Economic impact of Tourism on Reading
Judith Warchal — Investigation of Psychology Programs Mission Statements
Erin Way — Using Play Kits to Impact Job Related Stress in Nurses
Donna Yarri — Developing a course entitled: “The Amish”
Di You — Is the Teaching of Ethics to Undergraduate Psychology Majors Reflected in Psychology Syllabi

Group Research

Dolores Bertoti and Joan Lewis — The Intentionality of Grieving: A Holistic Approach Through a Life Changing Journey
Polly Mathys and Woosoon Kim — Photographic Records Keeping
Woosoon Kim and Tufan Tiglioglu — Social Impact Analysis of Maple Grove Raceway
Christopher Wise and Robin Zappin — Development/Integration of Intra-Curricular Cases into First Year, Doctor of PT Curricula

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president's newsletter july 2015

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