University Goals: 2011–2012



•    Deepen sponsorship relationship in partnership with new Congregational Leadership Team
•    Implement Mission Education & Integration Plan
•    Complete “Best Practices” University Study
•    Finalize Institutional Diversity Plan
•    Expand Integrated Marketing Program

Educational Quality

•    Develop comprehensive academic plan, including resources for faculty and program development
•    Achieve full compliance (Accreditation; Fed/State Regulations) for all academic programs
•    Develop revised general education program
•    Increase Grad/CS Enrollment by 10%
•    Finalize Plan for full renovation of Bernardine Hall

Student Communities

•    Complete Founders Village Project
•    Finalize & implement recommendations from: the Residence Life, Athletics & Recreation, “Cross-Cultural” (formerly Diversity), Service and Civic Engagement, and FoE Plans
•    Complete Philadelphia Center renovations
•    Launch new study abroad programs

Community and External Engagement

•    Expand regional alumni chapters and increase annual fund participation to 1500 donors.
•    Develop alumni leaders through chapters, the Alumni Council, and the President’s Advisory Council
•    Expand the “Arts at Alvernia” Program to include the Miller Art Gallery.
•    Develop plan for the O’Pake Institute.

Resource Development

•    Exceed $27 million Values and Vision Campaign goal
•    Implement next stage of faculty/staff compensation plan
•    Achieve 15% decrease in Alvernia’s municipal waste stream and 15% increase in recycling
•    Achieve operating budget surplus of 4% for campus development
Photo: Thomas F. Flynn 
Thomas F. Flynn, Ph.D.
President of Alvernia University


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