What can I do with a major in...

What can I do with a major in Computer Information Systems?

The CIS major equips students for participation in a variety of high tech industries. The role of the CIS graduate is to be the architect of information systems designed to meet the needs of information systems managers. They use tools designed by computer science graduates and apply them to specific industries, issues or problems. They most typically hold the job tile of database administrator or systems analyst.

At Alvernia University, the CIS major is an application science. Having established a strong foundation of computer skills, the student then takes a closer look at a specific area of application.


• Further experience by getting part-time job in computer store
• Offer to design a website for an organization
• Obtain internship
• Strengthen interpersonal communication skills
• Consider taking courses in business
• Participate in computer club or organization

Career Titles

Air Traffic Controller
Applications Programmer
Applied Science Technologist
Artificial Intelligence
Banking/Credit Manager
Benefits Administrator
Chief Financial Officer
Commodity Manager
Communications Specialist
Computer Aided Designer
Software Engineering
Computer Animator
Computer Engineer
Computer Consultant
Computer Test Specialist
Computer Sales Rep
Computer Operator
Computer Programmer
Computer Science Engineer
Computer Scientist
Computer Security Analyst
Computer Service Technician
Hardware Analyst
Computer-Aided Design
Consumer Loan Officer
Contract Administrator
Cost Estimator/Analyst
CQI Production Manager
Data Base Analyst
Data Base Manager
Data Comm Analyst
Data Control Administrator
Data Entry Equipment
Data Entry Manager
Data Processing Manager
Data Security Analyst
Database Administrator
Distribution Manager
EDP Auditor
Electronic Data Processing
End-User Computing
End-User Technician
Engineering Lab Tech
Environmental Tech
Financial Consultant
Financial Manager
Financial Planner
Hardware Service
Information Scientist
IS Application Developer
IT Manager
Internet Developer
Internet Marketing Analyst
Inventory Specialist
Inventory Manager
Investment Analyst
Investment Banker
ISO 2000 Specialist
LAN Manager
Logistics Manager
Magnetic Media Librarian
Management Analyst

Market Research Analyst
Materials Controller
Materials Manager
Media Center Manager
Mortgage Researcher
Network Administrator
Network Programmer
Numerical Analyst
Online Services Manager
OS Programmer
Operations Research
Operations Manager
Operations Researcher
PC Support Specialist
Plant Manager
Product Development
Product Forecaster
Production Manager
Production Scheduler
Production Specialist
Public Health Statistician
Contract Agent
Quality Assurance Analyst
Quality Control Specialist
Rate Analyst
Records Mgmt Analyst
Relocation Analyst
Research Analyst
Risk Specialist
Risk Analyst
Robotics Programmer
Robotics Technician
Sat-Com Specialist
Software Development
Software Engineer
Software Developer
Software Marketer
Software Salesperson
Software Support
Software Technician
Software Tester
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Systems Consultant
Systems Engineer
Systems Integrator
Systems Manager
Systems Programmer
Systems Technical Manager
Teacher: Science/Math/Computer
Technical Sales Rep
Technical Support Rep
Technical Writer
Technology Consultant
Transportation Planner
Treasury Mgmt Specialist
User Support Analyst
Value Engineer
Web Master
Weight Analyst
Word Processor

Professional Organizations

Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals
2200 East Devon Avenue, Suite 268
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Association for Women in Computing
407 Hillmoor Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Association for Systems Management
24587 Bagley Road
Cleveland, OH 44138

Association for Computing Machinery
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Web sites

Careers in Science & Engineering
IEEE Computer Society
Information Technology Crossing
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Working conditions and job outlooks for computer scientists and systems analysts
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Operations Research Analysts
SIAM-AMS: Nonacademic Careers in Mathematical Sciences
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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what can i do with a major in...

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