What can I do with a major in...

What can I do with a major in Biology?

The program of specialization in biology aims to develop in students an appreciation for and knowledge of the fundamental biological principles and skills of biological techniques used in teaching on the secondary level, graduate study, biological research, medical technology, and in professional schools of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.


• Enhance research laboratory skills
• Work in a nursery or greenhouse
• Look into federal and state job application process
• Acquire broad knowledge base in all sciences and computer technology
• Become certified for public school teaching
• Consider learning a foreign language for international opportunities
• Develop strong foundation in mathematics
• Obtain internship in field
• Volunteer at a zoo
• Lead a scouting troop
• Work for a biology professor in research laboratory
• Join an environmental concern group
• Work in a greenhouse or garden
• Enhance computer skills
• Work in a lab
• Remain open to the possibility of graduate education*
* Graduate degrees widen the spectrum of job opportunities in the field of biological sciences as they prepare students with more technological information and build stronger expertise in a specialty area.

Career Titles

Animal Scientist
Aquaculture Farmer
Aquarium Worker
Aquarium Technician
Aquatic Biologist
Barrier Beach Manager
Brewery Laboratory Assistant
Chemical Oceanographer
Coastal Resources Worker
Dietitian & Nutritionist
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health
Environmental Protection
Fish Hatchery Technician
Fisheries Conservationist

Food Scientist
Genetic Engineering
Health Officer
Hospital Administrator
Hydrographic Tech
Industrial Hygienist
Industrial Marine Economist
Marine Bacteriologist
Marine Biologist
Marine Ecologist
Marine Engineering
Marine Fisheries
Marine Sales
Marine Tourist Worker
Market Research Analyst
Medical Illustrator
Medical Laboratory Tech
Medical Librarian
Medical Technologist
Merchant Marine
Mining & Petroleum
Molecular Biologist

Museum/Aquarium Administrator
Pharmaceutical Salesperson
Public Health
Salt Marsh Manager
Science Laboratory Technician
Science Teacher
Science Writer/Film Maker
Seafood Researcher
Soil Conservationist
State Parks & Recreation
Systems Analyst
Technical Writer
Test and Inspection Technician
Water Quality Tech
Wildlife Resources Zoologist


Professional Organizations

Pennsylvania Academy of Science

Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
251 S.L. White Blvd.
P.O. Box 2945
LaGrange, GA  30241-2945

Web sites

Career Information Sites
Biological and Medical Scientists Occupational Outlook Handbook, U.S. Dept of Labor
Nature of work, job outlooks, job descriptions (all for biological and medical scientists)

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology: Careers in Biology
General website listing and linking to possible careers in biology

Job Search Sites

Bio Careers
Career planning information and advice, job hunt advice for biology students

Bio Space
Company information and daily industry news, biotechnology & pharmaceutical employment site, job listings

New Scientist Jobs: Science and technology job listing

SeaWorld Career Information
Information regarding pursuing a career in marine science

Science Careers and job hunting
Job search options for students seeking careers in science; provides profiles on potential employers

Orion Grassroots Network 
Links to possible internships and jobs in conservation, environmental justice, restoration, and education

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what can i do with a major in...

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