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An Invitation to Join the Family Business Center
at Alvernia University

Alvernia University, Barley Snyder Attorneys at Law, Fulton Bank, Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors, ParenteBeard and Teleos Partners are proud to announce an exciting new venture – The Family Business Center at Alvernia University.

This collaboration was created to meet the needs of the owners of family-owned businesses in Reading, Berks County and beyond through educational seminars offered throughout the year featuring nationally recognized speakers and advisors and drawing on the professional expertise of our sponsors and partners.  Member companies will be eligible to attend five to six programs per year beginning in 2013. 

The annual cost of membership is $1,200 per year per company.  Up to four company/family members may attend each session.

In addition and as the program expands, members will be eligible to participate in affinity group sessions designed to address specific needs of individuals or groups of individuals within the family enterprise: owners, fathers, mothers, spouses, next generation, non-family employees, board members, etc.

Member Benefits

Network of Family Businesses
Members of the Family Business Center are automatically enrolled in the Network for Family Businesses and have access to webinars and resources found on the site.”



Nationally recognized experts and speakers on a wide range of topics relevant for today’s family business owners and employers, all presented close to home.

Low cost of attendance.  Approximately $200 per session for up to four members of the family business without expensive travel and accommodations.

Local Experts
Access to a local group of highly trained experts at our sponsoring companies.

In addition to learning from the experts, members have to opportunity to learn from each other through shared experiences.

Resource Library
As the Center grows, a resource library will be created and made available to members through the Franco Library at Alvernia and through a Family Business Center web site.

Member Directory
Membership includes a listing of all of The Center’s members.

family business center

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