Public Service and Civic Engagement

Public Service and Civic Engagement

  • The O’Pake Institute is actively involved in Community Based Research. 
    • In 2014, the Institute produced a report for the Berks County Community Foundation entitled Berks Vital Signs 2014, which investigated a range of topics related to aspects of life in the county. This report included two opinion surveys on a number of issues as well as data about things like crime, education, housing and income. The report received both local and national attention.

    • This report was followed by a series of more detailed analyses of special topics, such as Basic Education, Brain Drain? and Non-Profit Organizations. A fourth report on Poverty in Berks County is forthcoming.

  • The Institute provided valuable research and support for the creation of the Berks County Health Clinic at Oakbrook.

  • The Institute assisted the Reading Health System in its analysis of how it could use its resources as an anchor institution.

  • The O’Pake Institute cosponsored a series of Community Leader Forums with the Reading Health System, exploring community revitalization efforts in other regions. A newsletter called Community Leadership Update was published to provide more information about the forums and community revitalization practices (Issue 1, Issue 2).

  • Alvernia and the O’Pake Institute have assisted in the creation of the Berks Alliance. The Alliance is a CEO led collaboration between anchor institutions and large employers in the region designed to foster community revitalization and improve the health and wealth of the community through collective impact. Alvernia is a charter member of the Alliance and the Institute provides operational support.

  • The Institute and the Holleran Center collaborated to write a Service and Civic Engagement Strategic Plan for Alvernia.

public service and civic engagement

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