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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Now the Reading Eagle Feels the Pressure

For the fourth time in the short history of this blog, I am defending newspapers. The Reading Eagle last week announced the layoff of 52 employees, including reporters. Actually the term used by the paper was "termination of employment," so those employees won't be back soon. The newspaper industry continues to suffer, and with it the type of information that is uniquely its own to provide, namely, journalism that is both timely (daily) and in-depth. New media appeal to our very American sense of immediacy, but are not deeply analytical. Newsweeklies are, well, weekly, and they are not local. Perhaps there's a new "daily" already in existence -- it's called a website -- but who sits in front of her or his computer just reading? Oh, I do, but I have been reading a newspaper, beginning with the long-defunct Philadelphia Bulletin, since the primary grades. I'm acclimated.