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Monday, October 26, 2009

That Anglican Thing

By now you have gotten a basic understanding of Pope Benedict's most recent apostolic constitution inviting traditional Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church through an expedited process. Anglicans opposed to the ordination of women and to same-sex Christian marriage will have their own jurisdiction within the Roman Catholic church. Married Anglican priests will be able to continue priestly duties within the new jurisdiction.

There have been many different reactions to the decision. An op-ed in today's New York Times suggested that Benedict may be looking to strengthen European Christianity against Islam. Some Catholics have called for the ability of all Catholic priests to marry. Some have wondered if Benedict is trying to shore up a conservative constituency by adding these Anglicans and also reconciling with the Society of St. Pius X. It seems leaders of the Church of England were caught somewhat unaware.

The story has gotten press for a few weeks now, and that is unusual for news in religion. I look at this cautiously as a good thing, but it does raise questions.


  • This article caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

    One, the article keeps telling readers that this is not a recruting ploy. This, to me, is exactly what it is.

    Secondly they(Roman Catholics)are blantently pointing out what they feel is wrong with the Anglican faith and trying to convert people over to a faith where the wrongs are not an issue.

    Third, if you are going to let current priests who are married into the Roamn Catholic faith then they need to allow all priests the option of getting married. This just isn't fair.

    Also, I am a firm believer in equal rights for everybody, woman and gays alike. To me this also seems like another way in which the Roman Catholic church is looking down upon these two groups. The Anglicans have accepted them and that has angered some I am sure of that, but for a different faith structure(wasn't sure how to word this part) to announce that they could easily convert over seems to be moving backwards in our world today.

    By Anonymous Anthony B, At October 27, 2009 7:33 AM  

  • What some call an invitation I call sheep stealing. This is another example of how the Pope - any Pope - should give up the pretense of ecumenism and show himself for what he is - a religious bigot. I am ordained and have served Jesus faithfully for 25 years, and find this constant belittling of other denominations to be outside of the teachings of Jesus. I would never try to convince a devout Catholic to leave his/her tradition. I would welcome anyone who is looking for something different - as I know other churches would if one of my members looked elsewhere. This is not positive - it is spiteful and mean, and I will pray for the Pope every day.

    By Blogger Steve Ohnsman, At October 30, 2009 8:20 AM  

  • Interesting...

    I think that its a good thing to bring upon Anglicans into the Catholic Church. This may even spark new thoughts upon many issues in which the church are facing now. With that being said, I firmly believe if the Church is allowing Anglican Priest to marry then they should allow all priest too marry. Yes it's a thousand year old tradition but we no longer live in the past. The present is now and if the Church wants to survive they need to adapt their ways more towards the modern era.

    In reference to Gay Marriage, I am also a firm believer in equal rights (obviously). Homosexuals want to worship God and the gospel just like the next average Joe. They are no different, they are only human. The church needs to recognize that they are also gods creation and that they deserve happiness just like everyone else.

    All I have to say is that the Church really needs to get with the times. Instead of moving backwards, its time to move forwards and embrace God in ways that all Christians can embrace him.

    I also cautiously watch these events unfold from the sideline. It can be a good thing if the Church is willing to change.

    By Anonymous Sean Hartman, At November 3, 2009 8:18 AM  

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