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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Franciscan Cardinal Backs Women Religious

Sean Cardinal O'Malley, Cardinal Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Boston, used the opening of an exhibit sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) to praise them and all sisters for the work they do and have done over the years. LCWR currently represents about 95 percent of religious sisters on the United States.

The cardinal's remarks are significant since LCWR is currently under investigation by the Vatican for questioning controversial church issues such as the ordination of women. LCWR is a more liberal coalition of sisters that has drawn criticism from conservative Catholics over the years. The group's leaders met with the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the
Faith in 2001. LCWR also has seen itself as progressive in interpreting Vatican II and its members are dedicated to working in the world to effect justice. Current leadership of LCWR, both president and president-elect, are Franciscan sisters.


  • This is an example of inspiring leadership, constructive questioning, and a pursuit for gender equality in an outdated and patriarchal organization. Here’s to the ladies for their work and to the Cardinal for his recognition of their contributions.

    By Blogger kobe2, At October 12, 2009 3:37 PM  

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