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Monday, August 3, 2009

Catholics More Comfortable with Same -Sex Marriage?

Mark Silk of Trinity College in Connecticut has looked at a study about to be released by two political scientists at Columbia University on the matter of gay rights, hate crimes and related issues. Silk has drawn the conclusion, from his own and the additional research, that states with a larger percentage of Catholics may be more likely to support same-sex marriage. USA Today writer Cathy Lynn Grossman calls this finding counter-intuitive and says it may have to do with liberal Catholics' understanding of social justice.

It may be neither.

Andrew Greeley's sociological work has long argued the very positive evaluation of sexual intimacy that distinguishes Catholics from other segments of the population. He has also argued that the same sacramental imagination that leads Catholics to see the work of God in creation leads them to this optimistic view of sex and their lesser condemnation of premarital sex. If Catholics think that faithful same-sex relationships can be fulfilling, their reasons may neither challenge intuition, proclaim justice, nor defy church teaching. It may be just that Catholics are being Catholic.


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