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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cardinal George's Firm but Diplomatic Stand

I saw the YouTube video of Cardinal George's address at DePaul University, where he took up the matter of Notre Dame's invitation to President Obama. The cardinal redirected the requests of those Catholics who are angry about the invitation to the university. To those asking him what he intended to do about it, he replied, "What are you doing about it?" He went on to say, "The Bishops don't control the University of Notre Dame." He also said that whatever one Catholic organization does affects all of Catholicism since the church is one. Those concerned should contact Notre Dame.

He expressed his deep regard for President Obama and offered that they agreed on many issues, but profoundly disagreed on the very important issue of abortion. His eminence is known for his forthright stand on issues, and this is the second time recently that I have seen him speak publicly (once in person) in which he has been diplomatic but firm. His manner is a contrast to the most angry Catholic attacks that have been launched and which have prompted Fr. John Kavanaugh to write in the upcoming April 13 issue of America, "We Catholics, we Christians, are in danger of becoming known not by how we love but by how we hate."


  • I am tired of abortion as a single issue in politics and as a single issue in the Catholic Church, or any Church as a matter of fact. For all of you that oppose abortion, no one will force you to have one. For those of you that do not oppose it, you are free to act according to your own conscious. You make your decisions and you live with them. Life is complicated.

    I encourage both parties to continue to listen to people that hold positions different from themselves so that at some point a legal compromise can be worked out that will satisfy no one, probably similar to the one we currently have.

    Hats off to Father Kavanaugh.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At April 9, 2009 11:44 AM  

  • Like we discussed in class, if someone was offended by the president coming to speak at the school then they should not have attended. We all have freedom or choice whether its religion or our rights. Yes, it is a Catholic school but not everyone attending may be catholic so with that beings said I'm sure not everyone was offend. If it was so deeply offending I'm sure the people could have written letters or had some kind of organization to express their feelings.

    By Anonymous Megan G, At April 24, 2009 2:16 PM  

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