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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newspapers Aren't Dead Yet

No sooner had I written about the demise of newspapers when The Philadelphia Inquirer began running the sort of heavily researched government expose it had not published in years. Today is the fourth and final installment of Smoke and Mirrors: The Subversion of the EPA, an investigative report of the Bush administration's manipulation of the Environmental Protection Agency into a pussycat of a regulatory agency. It's all here -- the EPA's courtroom losses as it tried to step away from its mission, the frustration of its own scientists with policy decisions, the withdrawal of hard-hitting memos and the reissue of much softer documents. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! You can go to the Inky's website and retrieve the entire series if you like.


  • Investigative reporting changes as the news media does, it is interesting to note that this expose is appearing in the newspaper rather than over the internet first. A variation on the story was in last week's Economist, I think they were referring to the manipulation of data by the FDA. Information is out there but it seems that not many people care.

    With a government created to serve the people, it is sad to watch oversight organizations become tools of industry - when they were actually created to protect the public from industry abuse.
    So we have the EPA, trading the environment we leave to the future for the profits of today, being publicized via a 'dying' medium.

    Interesting times we live in, the government is bigger than ever and it is looking more and more like it is operating to service the few rather than the many, and very few people seem to be talking about it.

    By Blogger kobe2, At December 19, 2008 4:08 AM  

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