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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gay Marriage and Abortion, Abortion, Abortion. Newsweek Pushes the Envelope

Now Newsweek has really done it. This week's cover shows a Bible with the cover story's title, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage." I saw the issue as it came into my home and thought that the magazine would get a very critical reaction in some quarters. It sure has. There has been a flood of e-mails and blog comments reprimanding both the magazine and the article's author, Lisa Miller. Actually, she did a good job. Miller has understood the questions many Christian ethicists and biblical scholars bring to Scripture's condemnation of homosexual acts and makes the broader case for the Bible's affirmation of loving relationship.

The case is not entirely convincing. Not all of Scripture can be explained away, but Miller is right in saying scripture does not present an open-and-shut case against gay marriage. Newsweek and Miller are to be commended for bringing into the mainstream media a conversation that has been going on among Christian theologians for a very long time.

Lost in the uproar have been Newsweek's three stories on abortion. The first laments a federal bill that will allow medical professionals to refuse to be involved in abortions for reasons of conscience and a state law (North Dakota) that will require abortion providers to read patients a pre-operative statement about the humanhood of the fetus and the negative physical and psychological repercussions of abortion. The second trumpets the advantage of stem-cell research that is not embryonic and consequently will require no destruction of embryos. The third worries that the combination of new prenatal technology to detect Down Syndrome earlier in pregnancy and some physician's misconceptions of the potential for a satisfying life for all involved with a person with Down Syndrome. There is much to discuss among these three articles and the different positions on abortion that seem to be implied by each writer's argument.

Newsweek has had a busy week.


  • I believe that gay marriage is something that has to be looked at through the twenty first century. When the Bible was created, it established hope to our society, which shaped us. Now for example, just as technology evolves people do as well. Back when the Bible was created rules were being established then, when there was not much controversy in the world. The Bible has brought great hope for our world I just feel like it should be looked at from a newer perspective, that involves today's society.

    By Anonymous Megan Guzowski THE 105, At January 26, 2009 7:58 AM  

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