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Monday, August 11, 2008

Religion in the Service of Politics

John McCain and Barack Obama write what their faith means to them in the August 18 issue of Time. Is there a plumb sufficient to measure the depths of politicians' cynicism? The trip from faith to each candidates' talking points is faster than a speeding bullet. Too bad the persuasiveness of the essays is not more powerful than a locomotive.

McCain uses three-quarters of his space to remind us that he is a former POW. He uses his penultimate paragraph to speak of the importance of caring for the most vulnerable of society, the poor, the hungry, the immigrant, the unborn, before reminding us that he was once one so vulnerable and the recipient of extraordinary kindness from a Christian prison guard.

Obama's faith leads him to value a diverse, pluralistic society and to care about those without health insurance and about global warming. He has been taught by friends like Pastor Rick Warren and Bishop T.D. Jakes. So we are reminded by omission that the senator has clerical friendships with others besides Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Both candidates are careful to tell us that they are believing Christians.


  • has anyone noticed that since the presidential election of 2008 there hasn't been much passed in congress? it's like the country voted against bush and for obama, but there hasn't been much movement since then. there's a lot of talk about health care and climate change policy, but obama is right: there's a real deadlock in washington d.c. you have to wonder what that means and where the USA is headed.

    on the other hand, obama is still seen by many as a world leader and someone who has been able to show by example what strong leadership can mean. others feel that he has been a success outside of the united states but not so much at home.

    does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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