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When a student or non-Alvernia individual voluntarily participates in an activity outside their normal class, a signed Release and Indemnification Agreement may be required.  Alvernia’s policy requires signed waivers for any activity that presents a moderate or high risk or includes off-campus travel.

Waivers protect the University and its employees from legal liability for injuries that may occur to individuals.  Waivers also serve an educational purpose by making people think about the potential risks of an activity.  If waivers are required, all participants must sign a waiver (or their parent/ guardian, if they are under 18) before they can participate in the activity.  Anyone who does not sign the waiver may not participate in the activity.

It is the responsibility of the department sponsoring the activity to make certain that waivers are used appropriately. The Waiver Guidelines and the simple and detailed waivers are located in the S:\Business Office\Waivers folder.

Waivers must be retained by the department sponsoring the activity for at least three (3) years after the conclusion of the activity.  Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for personal injury is two (2) years, which is the time frame during which a person may file a suit for damages; since injuries may not be realized or reported at the time of occurrence, waivers must be retained longer.

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Risk Management

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