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Anyone driving for University business – whether driving personal, University, or rented vehicles – must comply with Alvernia’s Driver and Vehicle Use Policy that requires drivers:

  1. Have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Register as a University driver at least 2 weeks prior to driving.
  3. Be 21 years old or older to drive University, rented or leased vehicles (excluding Facilities Department employees).
  4. Have completed a safe driver training course.
  5. Immediately report any changes in license status (restrictions, revocations, suspensions, expirations) to their supervisor.

To become a registered driver, drivers must complete the MVR Release Forms and return them to Human Resources for processing.  This form allows Human Resources to order and review the driver’s Motor Vehicle Record.  Human Resources can also provide information on online driver safety training.

Personally Owned Vehicles – Usage for University Business:

  • Personally owned automobiles used for University business must have automobile insurance coverage that meets or exceeds Pennsylvania’s minimum standards.
  • In the event of an accident while using a personal vehicle for University business, the vehicle owner’s automobile insurance is always PRIMARY because insurance follows the vehicle.  The University’s insurance is EXCESS of the owner’s primary limits for damages to a third party.  
  • Report all accidents to the vehicle owner’s automobile insurance company and advise Alvernia’s Public Safety Office of the accident.


University Owned, Leased, and Rented Vehicles – Insurance and Liability

  • Alvernia provides automobile insurance coverage for University owned, leased, and rented vehicles.
  • Alvernia’s automobile insurance covers any employee, officer, student, or agent of the University, provided he or she is driving a University owned, leased, or rented vehicle and is acting within the line and scope of his or her authority for Alvernia at the time of the accident or incident.
  • The University’s policy also provides coverage for personal injury, uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, and damage to property.
  • When renting a vehicle for University business, it is preferable to rent it in Alvernia’s name, with the employee’s name following as the designated driver and pay for it with an Alvernia University credit card if possible.
  • Alvernia’s rental agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car includes full liability insurance coverage in its business rates in Central & Northeastern PA (see Procurement Guide for details).


University Owned Vehicles – Accident Guidelines:  (See Driver and Vehicle Use Policy for complete guidelines).

  • When an automobile accident occurs, whether on or off campus, report the accident to Public Safety immediately.
  • Public Safety will notify Human Resources, Facilities, and Procurement & Risk Management and will complete an Incident Report.
  • The Procurement & Risk Management office will manage all insurance claims.
  • The employee’s department will be charged the $1,000 insurance deductible if they were at fault for the accident.  Deductibles will be assessed to the department by Procurement & Risk Management once the claim has been settled and closed.

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