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Certificates of Insurance

Businesses, including Alvernia, often require a certificate of insurance (COI) when outsiders use their facilities or borrow equipment.  A COI provides proof of insurance coverage in case there is damage to the facility or equipment and the user is liable as part of a contract, purchase order, or other agreement.

Current certificates are located in the “S:\Business Office\Insurance Certificates & Information” folders:

  • 2014-2015 Certificates – This folder contains the certificates issued by Alvernia to its various business associates in a document labeled “CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE 2014-2015.”  These reoccurring certificates are saved alphabetically.  Caution:  If you print a certificate from this document, print only the one certificate you need and not the entire 560 pages.
  • Vendors & Contractors - Certificates of Insurance – This folder contains certificates issued to Alvernia from its contractors and vendors.

Before ordering a new certificate of insurance, please check the databases to see
if one has already been created for that business to avoid duplications.

NEW certificates can be ordered one of two ways:

  1. Submit a request online through the Willis Certificate Portal at  To obtain portal access, contact the Procurement and Risk Management Office to get a username, password, and instructions; or,
  2. Complete a Certificate of Insurance Request form (located in the “S:\Business Office\Insurance Certificates & Info” folder) and email it to

for completing the request form:

  • Account Name = Alvernia University
  • Requestor Name = your name
  • Requestor Telephone = your number
  • Required by = date certificate is needed
  • This Request has __ additional pages = specify number of additional pages, if any

Certificates of Insurance – Certificate Holder Information

  • Name Insured = Alvernia University
  • Certificate Holder = Name of the business requiring the certificate
  • Address = address of the certificate holder
  • Attention = Contact person’s name
  • Required Coverages = check applicable coverages
  • Additional Terms and Conditions = check if applicable
  • Handling Instructions = specify how certificate is to be transmitted.


For assistance, contact Denise Heck at 610-796-8338 or  COIs are typically issued within four business days, but please call if a faster response is needed.


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