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Businesses, including Alvernia, often require a certificate of insurance (COI) when outsiders use their facilities or borrow equipment.  A COI provides proof of insurance coverage in case there is damage to the facility or equipment and the user is liable as part of a contract, purchase order, or other agreement.

Current certificates of liability insurance – Can be found in the “S:\Business Office\Insurance Certificates & Info” folders:

  • 2013-2014 Certificates – This folder contains the certificates issued by Alvernia to its various business associates.  The reoccurring certificates are saved alphabetically under CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE 2013-2014.  Note:  If you print a certificate from this document, please be careful to only print the one (1) copy you need and not the entire 100+ page document.
  • Vendors & Contractors - Certificates of Insurance – This folder contains certificates issued to Alvernia from its contractors and vendors.

New certificates of insurance can be requested one of two ways:

  1. Submit a request online through the Willis Certificate Portal at  To obtain portal access, contact the Procurement and Risk Management Office to get a username, password, and instructions; or,
  2. Complete a Certificate of Insurance Request form (located in the “S:\Business Office\Insurance Certificates & Info” folder) and email it to

for completing the request form:

  • Account Name = Alvernia University
  • Requestor Name = fill in your name
  • Requestor Telephone = your number
  • Required by = date certificate is needed
  • This Request has __ additional pages = specify number of additional pages, if any

Certificates of Insurance – Certificate Holder Information

  • Name Insured = Alvernia University
  • Certificate Holder = Name of the business requiring the certificate
  • Address = address of the certificate holder
  • Attention = Contact person’s name
  • Required Coverages = check applicable coverages
  • Additional Terms and Conditions = check if applicable
  • Handling Instructions = specify how certificate is to be transmitted.


For assistance, contact Denise Heck at 610-796-8338 or  COIs are typically issued within four business days, but please call if a faster response is needed.

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